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Holly Romano


Digital and Experimental Photography, Mixed Media

Artist Bio:

Holly Romano lives and works in Columbus, Ohio. Her digital photographs are rooted in the complexities of female identity and being a mother. She also uses experimental photography processes to explore the beauty and vastness of the natural world and hopes to promote appreciation.


Romano holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from BGSU. After a career in the graphic design field, she now focuses on fine art photography, painting, mixed media, and alternative processes. Her award-winning artwork has been exhibited nationally. Holly is also the recipient of a 2021 Professional Artist Grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

Artist Statement:

As a multi-disciplined artist, I express the significant feeling that an object, environment, or encounter brings to me while exploring connections in nature, observing human behavior, and unmasking the feminine and maternal experience. My art brings awareness to emotions, struggles, and reflections on everyday life, shifting the conversation to an introspective approach, as well as creating channels for connection. 


For me, art is also a practice of playful inquisitiveness and exploration. Using alternative processes alongside traditional methods allows for experimentation and the ability to follow instinct and curiosity. With a deep love for process, I appreciate not only the outcome of my efforts but also the methods and techniques that bring each piece to completion. 


Art not only regulates my self-awareness, but it is also the foundation for my connection to humanity. It is a discipline that I pursue and will continue to share.

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