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Sophie Miller
Sophie Miller


Mixed Media Textile Artist

Artist Bio:

Sophie Miller is an English artist, living and working in Columbus, Ohio. Her current work is inspired by her love of vegetable gardening and hikes in the woods.

Sophie uses paint, dye, fabric collage, small found objects, machine and hand embroidery to capture and abstract the colors and patterns found in her favorite outdoor places. Her work seeks to communicate the emotional connections we hold to the things we grew from seed and the spaces we inhabit. This work strives to preserve the beauty that exists fleetingly in nature and childhood.

Education includes a BA in Textile Craft from Huddersfield University and an AVCE in Art and Design from Leeds College of Art, UK.

Artist Statement:

My artwork combines a variety of layered techniques — painting and dying to fabric manipulation, machine sewing, and embroidery. I paint with dyes and draw with stitches, always focusing on texture, color, and mark-making. 

I am inspired by places and the emotions of being present. I use art as a reminder to slow down, translate, and communicate a mood or a moment by recording details, color, pattern, and texture, always coming back to themes of home and feeling grounded upon the earth, where you live and within yourself. 

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