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Janine Crum
Janine Crum


Oil Painting

Artist Bio:

Westerville, Ohio-based oil painter Janine Crum masterfully creates deeply introspective works emphasizing the emotional and physical landscape. 


Recently merging both her interests in mental health awareness and the stormy skies of the Midwest, she has been able to capture a wide range of emotions with her beautiful, expressive landscapes. As a result, she has given voice to both the beauty and power of an often overlooked phenomenon, thunderstorms, while exploring the development and effects of hardship and hope through the lens of the sky. 


Janine’s work on hope and hardship can be seen in various online and print capacities and has been featured in local and national juried exhibitions. She was also recently awarded the Emerging Artist of the Year award by the Arts Council of Westerville.

Artist Statement:

Lately, I have been exploring the relationship between landscape and sky to chronicle my personal journey of hardship and hope. Through expressive skies and dynamic storm clouds, I enjoy capturing the complex mix of emotions many of us have felt since the onset of the pandemic.

My current body of work came out of a need to express the fluctuating inner landscapes I have been navigating over the past year and a half as the looming uncertainty of a pandemic, political turmoil, and the weight of a growing worldwide crisis began to take a toll on my mental health. Learning to paint my way through these feelings has become a haven to express what I often do not feel I have the words to explain and the process has given my mind and body enough rest to move through another day.

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